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4 channel Peak Hold driver board from jbperf to be used with low z injectors. Complet with components for 4 drivers.



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The power transistor that Bosch uses in their own ECUs is now available to the hobbyist. This is a mod kit for installing a BIP373 in a Megasquirt, or replacing a VB921 with a BIP373.



The 4-Channel Ignition/Injection Driver Board can be used for any engine with 1 to 4 cylinders in full sequential mode with one injector and coil per driver, and with 6 and 8 cylinder engines in semi sequential mode and wasted spark with 2 injectors per driver and one coil per driver. The MS case is used as a heat sink for the IGBTs.

The kit comes with injector drivers, the igniton driver can be ordered separate.


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Have an application with a lot of small solenoids that need 12V power and rapid switching? Don’t want the expense of a bank of four separate solid state relays, each rated for five times the current each solenoid needs? This module lets you run up to four medium current 12 volt devices with high speed solid state switching.

The HSD-4 module provides four high side drivers for solenoids that need 12 volt power instead of ground. Wire a ground triggered output from an MS3Pro, MicroSquirt, or MegaSquirt to the HSD-4’s input, and it will supply a 12 volt output with up to 8 amps of current. Use it for medium current solenoids that have to be switched faster than a mechanical relay.

Applications for the HSD-4 high side driver include:

  • Toyota A340 and A341 transmissions
  • Subaru W4A33 transaxles
  • BMW Double VANOS variable valve timing solenoids

Most applications that require an HSD-4 have the solenoid ground connected to the solenoid body and a single wire supplying 12V to the solenoid.

The HSD-4 high side driver is epoxy potted for maximum vibration and water resistance. Suitable for underhood applications.


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